Spring Forward….. Into Some Music w/ BTS! #SFIM

spring20forward12   BTS is proud to announce our “Spring Forward Into Music” campaign with the unveiling of our Groupon for Spanish, Audio Production, Music Theory, Brass, Woodwind, And Piano Lessons! BTS allows for any woman, man, or child to take themselves seriously and enjoy a discounted introductory rate. With options beginning as low as $54, enjoy either one or two months of lessons with Blueprint To Success and change your life today!

#SFIM Contest!

Enter to win a free lesson of your choice Just by using the hashtag #SFIM, you’ll enter in the chance to win a free lesson of your choice @ Blueprint To Success Studios. Every Friday for the entire month of April a winner will be announced! Tag @OneBTS on Facebook or @One_BTS on Twitter to enter to win! Best of luck to you all, BTS looks forward to constructing the dimensions of your dreams

Summer’s Here! Don’t Give Into Boredom, Save Here!

im-boredAlthough summer’s here, doesn’t mean we have to go dull or allow or children to stop using their brains. Visit us on Groupon to keep everyone engaged and save some money with BTS this summer! Starting @ age 5, adults are welcome too! 


Harley’s First Recital

BTS sends a BIG congratulations to one of our BTS Kids! piano students, Harley Hacker! Great job at your very first recital! We can’t wait for the next one!

School’s Out? Keep Your Kids Sharp With BTS This Summer!!

School's outParents,

School’s out? Glad your kids get a break but still concerned with your child’s educational development? Keep your kids learning and having fun all summer long with music or spanish lessons with BTS. We offer Piano, Spanish, Music Theory, Audio Production, or any Brass/Woodwind instruments. Check out our Groupon for more exclusive deals! Limited quantities available!

Exclusive Groupon Deal Extended Through Weekend!


Save an extra 20% off local businesses this weekend Only through Groupon! Learn from the best! Spanish, Recording, Music Theory and All Woodwind Instrument Lessons available NOW! Offer ends 03.09.14 @ Midnight!


Exclusive 24-Hr Groupon Deal!

Groupon has an exclusive deal that ends today! Save 20% when you #support local businesses! Shop #BTS today!

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Got Love On The Brain? We Do Too!

BTS Bear 02.14.14Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’ve got love to spread to our clients. Schedule a recording session or private lesson of any kind (Spanish, Piano, Brass, or Woodwind) during the month of February and be entered in the “BTS Kids 2014 Valentine’s Day Giveaway” for a chance to win a special prize! Session or lesson must be scheduled on or before February 28th to be considered for the giveaway. Happy Valentine’s Day to all and Enjoy the rest of your Black History Month!

February 2014: Still Motivated & New Service Announcement

Studies show that most people that begin speaking so enthusiastically the last two weeks of the year are already off track by  the second month of the year. Make this new year just what its meant to be, A New You. Starting in 2014, Blueprint To Success has launched our new entity BTS Kids and a new service… Beginner Piano! At this time, Blueprint To Success is checking in on you and here to offer an exclusive deal to continue to motivate you throughout your journey. Pick any of our Blueprint To Success services including Recording, Brass, Piano, Spanish or Music Theory Lessons and receive discounted Groupon pricing for a limited time! Blueprint To Success partners with Groupon as Atlanta’s Deal of the Day to continue to motivate you throughout 2014! Lets Keep #Werking!

Visit our Groupon, Atlanta Deal of the Day ad here:


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#TeamBTS Is Working!

91404.original.pngBeing an entrepreneur can at times be tedious; But tedium births

perseverance! BTS has encountered a new webhosting service

that puts companies such as BTS in touch with the consumer!

Check out our company page at the link below!


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