#TeamBTS Is Working!

91404.original.pngBeing an entrepreneur can at times be tedious; But tedium births

perseverance! BTS has encountered a new webhosting service

that puts companies such as BTS in touch with the consumer!

Check out our company page at the link below!


Blueprint To Success

September 2013 Follow Up!

Follow-UpHello #TeamBTS!

Summer is nearing its end and we are preparing to head into fall! ‘Tis the season….. to learn something MUSICALLY! BTS has been working day and night to get our program into a school near you. As well as building our brand. If you have any suggestions of any facilities looking for a program such as ours please leave a comment below or in the contact section. Thank you all for your continued support of Team BTS!

Coming to a school near you ….